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Becoming a Member of Saint James

The Episcopal Church welcomes all baptized persons interested in joining a local parish.  By joining Saint James, you get to be a part of a faith community that seeks to welcome, teach and serve all God's people through worship and service to God and others.  

To join the parish, complete the Membership Form (click here for a PDF copy), complete the form and turn it into the parish office.  Our priest will contact you to initiate a holy conversation and invite you to attend a membership class. Requirements ofparish  membership are:

1) You are a baptized Christian

2) Regular worship attendance and find a place of serving in the ministries of the parish

3) Make a financial pledge to support the ministries of the parish.  

After completion of the membership class, the Rector will and Senior Warden (the elected lay leader of the parish).will meet with you before your welcoming you as an official member of the parish.

If you would also like to officially join The Episcopal Church (national church) we offer Confirmation (Click here to learn about Confirmation).  Please inform the priest of your interest to be confirmed, received or reaffirmed into The Episcopal Church.

Our Mission

Saint James seeks to share the Good News of Jesus Christ as we
welcome, teach, and serve all God's people.

Videos of Episcopal Church Services

Learn more about the Episcopal Church by these special videos.

Barbara Pierce Bush Funeral
Saint Martin's Episcopal Church Houston, April 21, 2018
Barbara Bush was a member of The Episcopal Church.
Senator John McCain Memorail Service
National Cathedral Washington, D.C. May 1, 2018
John McCain was raised in The Episcopal Church and later became a member of a Baptist Church in AZ.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Sermon at the Royal Wedding May 19, 2018.
Bishop Curry is a lifelong Episcopalian and was Bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina before being elected as the 27th Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church.
Matthew Shepherd Clelebration of Life and Interment
Washington National Cathedral October 26, 2018
Matthew was a lifelong Episcopalian.  He was beaten and left to die on a fence post near Laramie, WY.  He died of his injuries and his family establishedThe Matthew Shepard Foundation which empowers individuals to embrace human dignity and diversity through outreach, advocacy and resource programs.

Episcopal Beliefs & Practices

We base our beliefs and practices on the following sources:

--The Bible, church tradition, and human reason provide compelling truth about God and creation.

--The Baptismal Covenant and Holy Eucharist serve as the cornerstones of our beliefs and worship.

--The Book of Common Prayer provides comprehensive resources for an individual, family and community life of prayer, in the context of the liturgical year.
By “I believe”, Credo, we mean, “I give my heart.”  It is more a life orientation of trust in God and less a set of propositions about God.  Giving our hearts to God calls us to trust.
God the Creator
We and all creation are the continuing work of a loving God.

God the Son
Jesus is the supreme disclosure of the heart of God.  Jesus’ total trust and obedience to God reveals
the unconditional trustworthiness of God, who raised Jesus from the dead.

God dwelling within us
We experience the power of the Holy Spirit working in us as we place our trust in Jesus’ promises
and follow in his ways in the Church and in company with the followers of Jesus through the centuries.

Jesus: Way, Truth and Life
Jesus reveals to us what constitutes a whole and authentic life.  His radical trust in God and freedom
to re-imagine the traditions of his people call us to follow in his way of trust and freedom.

God known in manifold ways
Every person has freedom and responsibility to discern the truth of God for his or her life through engaging the Bible,
in conversation with the historic teachings and liturgy of the church, and human reason.  We cherish diverse expressions of belief and practice as people grow into abundant and authentic lives in their time and place.

Bible the key to discern God’s presence in all of life
The Bible is the most authoritative source of truth.  It is the story of God’s creation and God’s people
and provides a key for understanding the presence and purposes of God in the midst of nature, history and our personal journeys.  Jesus is the lived Word of God.


Episcopal Practices

Sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist form and nourish faith
We embrace the Baptismal Covenant and the Holy Eucharist as the foundation for our belief and practice.
We participate regularly in the Holy Eucharist,  bringing the substance of our lives and the fruits of our labors, offering them to God, and having them incorporated into the Risen Body of Christ.
We honor and serve God’s purposes
We seek to name and renounce all forces in and around us that corrupt God’s purposes of love and unity
among all people and with creation.
We put our whole trust in Jesus’ disclosure of the unconditional love and faithfulness of God.
We turn to Jesus as the supreme source of understanding and power for living our lives fully and authentically.
 Journey to wholeness
We promise to persevere, and to repent and return when we fall away from God.
Called to witness and serve
We promise by word and example to proclaim our trust in God’s reconciling love.
Called to restore unity with all people and creation
We promise to strive for justice and peace and to respect the dignity of every human being.
We seek to bring values rooted in faith in God to our participation in public life. 
Giving away my time
We promise to seek and serve Christ in every person and to love our neighbors as our selves.
Giving away my money
We express our gratitude and trust in God through tithing and supporting works of justice and compassion.
We offer regular morning and evening prayers.
We offer prayers of intercession for all who suffer from violence, illness, grief or abandonment and for all whose lives are closely linked with ours.
We offer prayers of thanksgiving for the gift of life and for the myriad blessings bestowed upon us by God.
Spiritual disciplines
We read and meditate on the Bible regularly.
We prepare and participate in the Prayer Book rites for baptism, marriage, confession of sins, and burial of the dead.
We observe the prayers and disciplines provided for the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost. 
We participate regularly in the offerings of our congregation for Christian formation for children and adults.
We seek accountability
We seek spiritual friendship and accountability through individual and group reflection on our spiritual journeys.
Stewards of Creation
We believe that God is present and active in the whole of creation and that we are called to participate with God through appreciation and care for creation, through the arts, through our daily work,
through our relationships with other people and in our own inner lives. 


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